Polished cylinders (Shungite and Soapstone)

Polished cylinders (Shungite and Soapstone)

Brand: LTD Shungite Club
Model: -01
Availability: In Stock
  • Dimensions: diameter 28mm-32mm,
  • length 100-110mm
  • Weight: 480 gr  


The word "harmonizer" originates from the word "harmony", i.e., the product, which ensures the coordinated, normal flow of physical and emotional processes in the human organism. Thanks to harmonizers the harmony of body and spirit is reached

Harmonizers contribute to a substantial improvement in the state of organism with cardio-vascular diseases, anxieties and nervous disorders, insomnia, the arterial pressure disorders, asthma, and headaches. It eases the pain in the joints in cases of arthritis, gout, and helps with a number of other illnesses.

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