More than 5 years we have been working with an amazing stone – shungite, extracting, processing, and shipping to all corners of our planet.

We already have over 2,000 positive feedbacks on Ebay store.

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The incredible properties of the stone attract people seeking a healthy lifestyle and mental harmony. We create products from shungite, which can be used in everyday life and in various practices, it is a pyramid, cubes, spheres, eggs, harmonizers, tile. We manufacture all the items of schungite from the Zazhoginsky field, which is known for its healing properties and high content of carbon.

By production we check the items for lack of cracks and perfect proportions, our products are the best available on the market. So we can safely declare - our items are the best of what is presented on the market.

Individually want to mention about the elite shungit.

The content of carbon elite shungite is about 95%, in contrast to conventional shungite, where the content is from 30 to 50%. Therefore elite shungite has a strong positive effect on the human body during use.

We produce this mineral manually in small quantities on the single field in the world. Our company is the almost complete monopoly in the field of elite shungite – so we can offer the best elite shungite at the most beneficial prices.

Our head office is located in St. Petersburg, on the territory of the Arsenal plant.

Address: St. Petersburg, Mikhaylov St. 21


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